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A B O U T   U S

WELCOME to . We are a home business located in the beautiful Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts surrounded by gentle mountains. A valley where music, art, writing, healing, farming & colleges thrive. Northampton our neighbor town has been named the #1 small arts town in America.

WE sew cloaks, shawls & ponchos. My cloaks speak for today. An art form worn for the fun of it, joyfully for spiritual ceremonies, artistic gatherings, receptions, concerts, parties, holiday events & of course peace rallies. You can look casually elegant wearing a cloak over jeans. Bring forth the Goddess in you by wearing my fabric art forms.

CLOAKS are most popularly remembered from the Renaissance Age. Sage green was worn by healers, herbalists & story tellers. It was also used to conceal ones self in the forest.

COLOR holds great symbolism. Green is the color of the heart chakra & healing. I love the elegance of black & accent it with other colors. Black is symbolic of the void from which all creativity flows. The pearly colors of silk remind me of the Higher Light Essences. Purple or lavender is of the essence of the crown chakra or Higher Light. Aqua is one of my favorite colors & is of the thymus chakra or Higher Heart.

DESIGN themes I use are Peace, the Enlightened Heart, the MERKABA star, celestial stars & sacred geometry, all to awaken the Divine Feminine within you.

HISTORY was inspired by a friend's green antique cloak. I made one for myself & it evolved into a Peace cloak for Peace rallies.

CARE OF CLOAKS: Because of the trim & beading they should be HAND WASHED or use a VERY DELICATE CYCLE with cool to warm water. TUMBLE DRY LOW or hang to dry. If pressing is needed, press from back side to prevent shininess. Note the short internal fleece cloak & fleece inside the hood are NOT dry cleanable.

FOR more information on Goddesses refer to the book, "GODDESSES A World of Myth and Magic" written by Burleigh Muten, illustrated by Rebecca Guay, Barefoot Books 2003.

ALL winter weight hoods have an inner construction of fleece to block the wind to make them extra warm. This also allows for sculpting the hood by turning back the front edge to show the accent lining. Internal short fleece capes are very warm. Cloaks can be constructed without the short internal fleece cape for a lighter weight cloak.

THIS art apparel can be ordered as shown or custom designed. For custom orders, contact will be made with you on the fabric & trim that is available to suit your desires & concepts. Like your unique soul, your garment will be "one of a kind" on Mother Earth.

I start and end each garment with an invocation. While stitching I periodically bless & say affirmations for the cloak & "you" the wearer to be. In service of Love, Light, Knowledge & Peace. Enjoy this garment designed from my heart, thank you dearly, .

CHARITIES: Off the top, 7% of my proceeds go to a wonderful humanitarian organization. Familiarize yourself with these charities & select one to which you would like me to donate.